Show and concerts

The company Sonall, música per a nadons presents the show “La nostra amiga Girafa”, a musical theatre experience that will take children on a journey through the imaginary of animals in a world full of emotions. Created, directed and performed by the musicians and music educators Gemma Rafecas and Marta Casals, the show is for families, mainly for children from 0 to 6 years old, and presents a variety of musical genres ranging from reggae, pop, and folk, among others. In short, a musical theatre that is sure to get both the youngest and the eldest of the family hooked!

Since 2018, they have performed in venues, schools and bookstores throughout Catalonia (Sala Fènix, Sala Badabadoc, Teatreneu, Lluïsos de Gràcia, Auditori Agustí Cohí-Grau del Vendrell, Espai Familiar Caliu, Centre de Cultura Popular La Violeta de Gràcia, Llibreria Luz de Lula…).


Artistic information
Original idea, compositions and dramaturgy: Gemma Rafecas and Marta Casals
Artistic direction and production: Gemma Rafecas and Marta Casals
Musical direction: Anna Urpí

Technical information
Duration: 40 minutes
Type: musical and theatrical show for children
Language: Catalan


You can hire the show “La nostra amiga Girafa”, from “Sonall, música per a nadons”, by sending an e-mail to or by calling the company directly: (+34) 717 716 903 / (+34) 606 064 716