Classes and workshops

Music for Babies classes offer an early approach to the world of sound and music. Through voice, movement, audition and the interpretation of songs and dances; their cognitive, motor and emotional processes will be reinforced and develop further.

Exposing children to music during early development of their hearing capacity will help create a deeper emotional bond between the family and the baby, and later with the other people around them as well. Sounds and music will be a communicative way for the adult to reach the baby and interact. The main goal of these classes is to reinforce this space of communication between the environment and the newborn and to also nurture their global development entirely.

The music educators, Marta Casals and Gemma Rafecas, will carry out the music classes by playing some instruments, singing and dancing, which will let the babies reach a series of sensory resources that then will allow them to approach the musical environment so that this becomes a significant language for them.

  • Bring the baby closer to the world of sound as a stimulus to communicate.
  • Show music appreciation in a sensory way through activities, songs and dances.
  • Enhance their cognitive and motor development through music and voice.
  • Work on the musical content by favouring their emotional development.
  • Offer musical resources (songs, dances…) to families so that they can also play music at home.
  • Dates: sessions are being held monthly, quarterly, annual or on specific days, depending on demand and space.
  • Audience: groups of families with their newborns (at a private level, in music schools, cultural centres, libraries, etc.) and also nursery schools.
  • Group selection: we will seek to achieve the maximum possible homogeneity between the different areas of cognitive, motor and sensory development of the toddlers to offer the most appropriate activities in each case.
  • Instrumentation: we will bring the basic material to perform the different programmed activities, from small percussion instruments adapted for babies, pedagogical material to work on music and movement (handkerchiefs, etc.) to a series of harmonic (accordion, guitar, ukelele or electric piano) and melodic (flute) instruments for live auditions.
  • Rates: price to be agreed upon on demand.
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